From Perseus to Shirley Valentine, the Greek Islands have been the site of legends and fantasies for more than 5000 years.
Of the 2000 or more islands that make up the Archipelago, only 227 of them are inhabited and fewer still are regular destinations for the travel market.

Think of the Greek Islands and your mind fills with skies that really ought to have their own colour named after them – ‘Greek sky blue’; blinding white walls where crimson geraniums tumble from old olive oil cans; crooked, cobbled streets where cats stretch lazily on roofs; tavernas with tables shaded by olive trees; elderly gents sitting on stone benches and widows sweeping doorways – all set within a tranquil, heat-shimmering landscape resounding to the sound of crickets.

Buzz Trips Opinion
Despite mass development in parts, there’s still something about the Greek Islands that makes them unique; a quality of light and the perfume of the countryside. To me, they are a romantic destination where the sun is more fierce than any I have encountered, the home-made tzatziki is the best food I have ever eaten and the pace of life forces me to slow to an amble from the moment the plane’s wheels touch down at the airport.

The Greek Islands are like an addictive habit; once discovered you want to try more, then it becomes difficult to give them up. Over time you can pull yourself away but when you return, you realise how much you’ve missed them and the addiction kicks in all over again…

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