Who are we?
Andrea and Jack Montgomery.

What are we?
We’re full-time authors and travel writers, and one of us is a photographer. Almost all the photos on our websites have been taken by me (Jack). We are also hiking specialists, experienced in writing route directions, as well as being consultants for Slow Travel holidays. Oh, and we’ve acted as cupids in a writing capacity in the past.

Who do we write for?
On our own websites we write for people like us; travellers who enjoy getting to know the culture, traditions, food, bars, restaurants, shops, countryside, people, quirks of the places they visit… not forgetting to have fun in the process.

What do we write about?
We’re great believers in that old, but true, cliche – variety is the spice of life. Basically we write about many aspects of travel as we’re as happy sipping coffee from a camp stove beyond the back of beyond as we are nursing a white port and tonic in a chic cafe on the banks of the Douro. But we do specialise in Slow Travel, especially hiking and dining on and off the beaten path.

Who do we write for (aka credentials)?
We have our own travel websites (Buzz Trips, The Real Tenerife, Walking Tenerife), have authored and published travel and walking guidebooks, and we’ve written for corporate mass tourism travel blogs, hotels, tourist boards and PR companies. We also write articles and provide photographs for print newspapers (destination expert for The Telegraph), and travel magazines.

As Slow Travel consultants for UK specialists Inntravel, we help design holidays, check routes, provide photographs and write travel articles and brochure copy. In the past few years we’ve helped design new Slow Travel holidays in off the beaten track parts of Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, and Portugal.
For five years we managed successful blog/Twitter/facebook accounts for Sunshine.co.uk which provided valuable insights into the social media habits of mainstream tourists. As part of that role we also commissioned contributions from other travel writers.

In print we’ve had articles published in, among others, the The Telegraph, The Independent, National Geographic Traveller, Ling, Traveller Magazine, Thomas Cook, easyJet, Escapades, Club 18-30, Norwegian Air, GEO, Wizz.

Online we’ve written for Cosmos, Monarch, Holiday Supermarket, Simon Seeks, Spain Holiday, Promotur, Huffington Post, Tenerife Magazine.

As Authors
We’ve both authored travel memoirs. Andy captured our rollercoaster-ride of experiences while living and working on Tenerife in the travel memoir, The Banana Road – It’s Tenerife But Not As You Know It while I (Jack) was responsible for writing the sequel, Camel Spit & Cork Trees, A Year of Travel Through Portugal. If you would like to see a different side to our writing check out our personal websites, andreamontgomery.co.uk and jackmontgomery.co.uk

Destination Guidebooks
We’ve written guidebooks for Rough Guides and Dorling Kindersley. We’ve also published our own guidebooks (The Real Tenerife and Walk this Way Tenerife). Our Real Tenerife sets of walking and driving routes are sold to people in over 30 countries around the world.

Additionally, we have a business background that includes high level project management, government report writing and staff training; subsequently we are experienced in management techniques, research and statistical analysis, interviewing and meeting ridiculously tight deadlines.

In a nutshell, we have a wide range of experience and are professional and principled in what we do. Subsequently, we enjoy working with people who have the same ethos.

Contact Buzz Trips: If you’d like to chat to us about anything, then just drop us a line at either jack@buzztrips.co.uk or the equally obvious andy@buzztrips.co.uk

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