At Buzz Trips our philosophy is simple: travel should be about getting a buzz from the people and places you visit as well as the local food you put in your mouth.

We love travel experiences, but we don’t wear rose tinted spectacles and neither are our articles influenced by advertisers. If we don’t like a place, we’ll say.
The reality is that most travel experiences are happy ones and we love the little pleasures – a  cheesy pastry in the sunshine at a roadside café in rural Croatia – as much as the ‘once in a lifetime’ WOW ones – a 16 course lunch at the number one restaurant in the world.

Although we specialise in hiking and dining, we enjoy all aspects of travel and write for people like ourselves. People who get as much of a thrill from sleeping under canvas as they do from reclining in a four poster bed in a luxury hotel.

For us, embracing the new and the unknown is the route to uncovering the real joy of travel. The adventure of discovering little things on your own, of having experiences that no-one else has and of being touched by the lives of those whose environment you are guests in.

Do we like off the beaten track locations? Yes we do, but not exclusively. In our experience even the most commonplace resorts can have identities that remain hidden to all but those who seek them out.

On Buzztrips, we want to share experiences and places that are accessible to most people who enjoy travel. We hope we can inspire and encourage others to find new and exciting travel experiences in brochure favourites as well as in guide book recluses.

In 2003 Jack swapped writing government reports about skill shortages and socially disadvantaged sections of society, from an office overlooking Old Trafford, for writing about subtropical landscapes and men in fishnet stockings and stilettos at carnival from a banana plantation in the Canary Islands.

Over the last decade Jack has jumped from a plane (not his idea), finger sword fenced a cuttlefish beneath the waves, explored historic cities on a Segway and partied till dawn at a number of bizarre fiestas. When it comes to gastronomy Jack happily wolfs every local speciality put in front of him; from rabbits and ponies to snails and sheep’s trotters. He’s at his happiest pulling on the walking boots and heading into the hills to explore some of the most beautiful countrysides in Europe. His experiences have been documented on the websites he runs with travel writer wife Andy (Buzz Trips, The Real Tenerife) as well as in guidebooks and travel articles/photographs for The Huffington Post, Monarch, Cosmos, Thomas Cook, Sunshine.co.uk, Spain-Holiday.com and Inntravel.

At the end of 2003, Andy quit the fast lane of the north west of Britain and moved to the crawler lane of the Canary Islands. Closing the books on her lucrative, one-woman business consultancy, she packed her power-suits, glittering evening dresses and stilettos into a cardboard box and headed to the banana plantations of the north of Tenerife in the hopes of making a living from her passions of travel, cooking, walking and writing.

Ten years into her new life, Andy writes travel articles for the likes of The Telegraph and The Independent as well as in-flight magazines for Easyjet and Thomas Cook. She also writes for travel companies such as Inntravel and Sunshine.co.uk; owns several successful websites including the travel showcase Buzz Trips and has three published guides on the market.
In other words, she spends her time writing, walking, travelling, cooking and eating. Mission Accomplished.

Contact Buzz Trips: If you’d like to chat to us about anything, then just drop us a line at either jack@buzztrips.co.uk or the equally obvious andy@buzztrips.co.uk



  1. Hi Jack

    Thanks for the 2012 article about fish in the Canaries! I am walking and trying to take some photos in La Gomera, prior to a trip to the Annapurnas in October. This is our first trip to La Gomera and we love it.
    Best wishes
    Martín & Lynda Gould

    • Wonderful place, we’ve been visiting for years. We’ve a fried who lives on the edge of Garajonay and it is quite the most stunning place to wake up. Walking on La Gomera should be decent practice for your Annapurnas trip.

  2. Hi Jack,
    I just read your article about Lake Bled in Slovenia. At the end you teased about another wonderful place in Slovenia, and since I am planning a trip there in a few months, I’m really curious to know about other great places there. Can you share please?
    Many thanks,

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